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140m cornerhouse

At Fam Studios, we take pride in our ability to transform spaces, regardless of budget constraints. We had the privilege of reviving a corner house, breathing new life into its worn interiors. Despite tight financial parameters, we embarked on a comprehensive renovation journey, focusing on key areas to enhance functionality and aesthetics. The kitchen embraced a modern ambiance through a carefully curated color palette. We addressed essential electrical upgrades, ensuring not just visual appeal but also safety and efficiency throughout the house. Ascending to the top floor, we reimagined the bathroom, infusing it with a contemporary charm while elevating the guest toilet on the ground floor to reflect the same standards of elegance and practicality. We aimed to create an inviting atmosphere, a significant change from its previously neglected state. Extending our vision beyond the interior, we redesigned both the back and front yards, seamlessly integrating outdoor spaces with indoor living, thereby completing the transformation of this beautiful home




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