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about the studio

Sherly Fam, the owner of Fam Studios,

is an experienced multidisciplinary designer who started her career as an Art Director in some of the world's leading companies, subsequently becoming also a leading UI & UX Designer for well-known brands.

The studio has successfully planned and overseen dozens of real estate projects in the Netherlands, the United States, and Israel.

Our approach is based on beautiful, yet functional ways of living. We believe that the space we choose to surround us with dictates who we are and how we feel.

It can inspire, and charge us. We make sure you always get everything you want from it.

Sherly graduated from HIT - Holon Institute of Technology, holding a B.Design, continued with advanced studies in Interior Design, and two Diplomas in User Interface and User Experience Design from Netcraft Academy and Glasgow Caledonian University.

She is based in Amsterdam.

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